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Jacqui Loveridge

Chief Financial Officer

San Churros


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Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Kshira Saagar

Chief Data Officer

Latitude Financial Services

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Kshira Saagar


Awarded the #2 Analytics Leader in Australia for 2019, and Top 25 Analytics Leaders in 2019, '20 & '21.

Kshira Saagar (Shee-Raa Sa-Ga) has been with the Analytics/Decision Sciences industry for more than a decade now having worked across Americas, Asia, Europe and more importantly Australia. The bulk of his work has been focussed on developing solutions for the Data Science and Analytics problem spaces of the Retail, Telecom and Insurance marketing departments at some of the leading Fortune 100 clients. In his other roles, he has enabled decision making through data for clients from the Media, Healthcare, Aviation, Logistics and FMCG organisations.

As Latitude's first Chief Data Officer, his role involves leading a large team of Data Scientists, Data and Digital analysts, Data Architects, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Data warehouse Developers, BI Developers and Data Governance & Risk Remediation experts, along with designing the strategy for Data Enablement @ Latitude by securing the necessary enterprise support and executive sponsorship to drive Data Transformation.

Previously at THE ICONIC, he was responsible for institutionalising data-driven analytics across the company’s core competencies and growing a 2 member data-analyst team to a 20+ strong Full Stack data science team entirely based out of their Sydney offices. The wider team was responsible for all the elements of data at the company ranging from Data Engineering (ETL), Dashboards and Analyses and more importantly production-ready algorithms - also known as the Full Stack Data Science team.

Kshira is adept at working with senior executive stakeholders and the board members to solve key strategic company problems using Data Science and AI paradigms, in a business-friendly language that senior decision makers have time to appreciate and act upon. He also uses these skills to help smaller AI start-ups and ventures to raise funds on a pro-bono basis, and get into initial seed rounds and build their initial teams around the modern day data principle.

As a leader in the data space, he believes in the modern day data principle that every singe member of an organisation is a data analyst or scientist and the whole company should have the right tools and the correct access to act as one big data team!

He's a regular speaker at industry conferences and data summits across AU and NZ and has participated in close to 49 speaking engagements in the last 3 years with a few detailed here -


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