Chief Information Officer Sit-Down

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Once a month, industry leaders in IT gather at the Chief Information Officer Series. They are committed to delivering transformation strategies that will build agility, speed, intelligence and innovation.

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Chief Information Security

Officer Sit-Down Series

9000+ Members in Cyber Security
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Who & What

Who is there

Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Digital Officer
Chief Security Officer

Leaders of:

Cyber Security
Technology Risk

Zero Trust

IT Governance

Fraud Detection

Data Security

Threat Monitoring

Mass Recovery

Ransomware Monitoring

Threat Defence

Data Governance

Machine Learning

Visual Dashboards

Data Virtualisation

Why Sit-Down
Access is Great. On-going Access is Power.
8 Sponsors only
We only take 8 sponsors and we select each partner based on research and the current purchasing cycles in our CISO community.
10 CISO Sit-Downs a year
1 CISO Sit-Down every month with different attendees to help with business matching and helping your regional growth.
1:1 Matching with every CISO
Gain an in-depth understanding about every leader in the room and thoroughly assess how you can help our audience with your offering.
Research & intelligence
We back every interaction and every conversation you have with our members with data-driven research.
Access to 7000+
IT Security Leaders
You don’t have to wait for events or even rely on Linkedin anymore. We give you and your prospects speed and purpose behind every connection.
World class CX
Our customer experience is second to none, consistently exceeding expectations and setting the industry standard for excellence.
For Vendors:
What benefits will my organisation receive from sponsoring an Executive Sit-Down with Sit-Down?

As the exclusive sponsor, you'll gain direct exposure to 15 top-tier CxO leaders, enjoy unique branding opportunities, and position your solutions prominently amidst influential decision-makers. Additionally, the curated content ensures alignment with both sponsor solutions and attendee focus areas.

How does the hosting work at an Executive Sit-Down?

Each Executive Sit-Down offers a dedicated host who moderates the discussion, ensuring it remains engaging, relevant, and beneficial for all attendees.

How can my organisation become the sponsor for an Executive Sit-Down?

To be the exclusive sponsor, reach out to our events team through our website. They'll guide you through available Executive Sit-Down dates and sponsorship details.

How is the discussion topic for the Executive Sit-Down chosen?

Our approach is research-driven. We curate a message based on the sponsor's solutions and the specific focus areas of our attendees, ensuring meaningful and targeted conversations.

How many attendees can we expect at an Executive Sit-Down?

Our Executive Sit-Down typically attracts 15 executives on site, consisting of elite industry leaders and influencers.

What role does the sponsor play during the Executive Sit-Down?

The sponsor's primary role is to host and engage. However, they do not participate directly in discussions. This ensures a neutral and unbiased environment for our CxO attendees.

How do we make the most of our sponsorship at an Executive Sit-Down?

Engage actively in your hosting role, connect with attendees during networking slots, utilise the research-driven approach to align your message, and collaborate closely with our team to ensure a seamless experience.

For CxOs:
What can I expect from attending an Executive Sit-Down by Sit-Down?

Attendees can anticipate engaging discussions moderated by a dedicated host, insights tailored to the focus areas of the participants, and a chance to network with fellow CxO leaders in a convivial setting.

How many attendees are there at each Executive Sit-Down?

Each Executive Sit-Down is designed to be both exclusive and intimate, typically hosting 15 CxO leaders to ensure quality and meaningful interactions.

Who typically sponsors these sessions?

Each session is backed by a single, carefully-vetted sponsor who aligns their solutions with the focus areas of the attendees. However, sponsors do not directly participate in the discussions.

How is the discussion topic decided for each session?

Topics are meticulously curated based on a research-driven approach, making certain the content resonates with both the sponsor’s solutions and the specific areas of interest of our attendees.

Can I suggest topics or areas of interest for future Executive Sit-Downs?

Absolutely! We highly value the insights and preferences of our CxO attendees and always welcome topic suggestions for future sessions.

How long is each Executive Sit-Down session?

Each session spans between 90 to 120 minutes, scheduled over a lunch period for your convenience.

Is there a fee for attending?

Attendance for CxO leaders is complimentary, with all costs generously covered by our exclusive sponsor.

Is there a fee for attending?

Attendance for CxO leaders is complimentary, with all costs generously covered by our exclusive sponsor.

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What Customer Say here

Real success in the world

Talent empower their networking and fuel their product awareness through a bespoke long-term approach which ensures that they have meaningful conversations with their customers and prospects.

“You just know when you’ve picked the right event partner! Talend has been involved in Sit-down Events for the past 2 years – we started with a one-off and quickly expanded to multiple bookings across ANZ and Singapore. When our Canadian and European teams contacted me about the CDO Live events everyone is talking about’ I knew these high-performing programs had become a great success for Talend. From the professionalism of the team, to the quality of conversations they have facilitated for us, I highly recommend working with Sit-Down.”

Nadine Lefleur | Marketing Director, Talend

Dataiku join forces with Sit-Down to fuel their growth and market penetration with a strategic approach to lead generation at Sit-Down Hybrid Series. Over the past 2 years Dataiku have achieved tangible results at the series that show the thriving period the tech leader has had.

“As a conscious decision we change suppliers periodically, and don’t work with one partner for a long period as we need to tap into other audiences and continuously get access to new platforms, events and prospects. But across all our event partners globally, Sit-Down is the only company that Dataiku has year long commitments and keeps working with every month. Sit-Down was also the strongest source of opportunity for us in 2021. I don’t know you do it, but we like it, keep your secrets and keep it coming!”

Frederic Catherine | Head of Marketing, Dataiku

Fonterra’s leaders have benefited from Sit-Down on a regular basis by utilising products ranging from ongoing case studies and use cases to events, executive programs and podcasts that have enabled their growth on a personal and organisational level.

“I’ve attended and spoken at different editions of the CDO Series, and I have to say the attention and engagement you receive even when the forums were virtual, was something that stood out for myself personally. The organisation that I work for is involved with Sit-Down in other ways such as advisory that has only received good feedbacks too.

Victor. Y. | Global Business Intelligence